Frequently Asked Questions



What are your
hours of operation?

     We are semi-retired and not always there, so feel free to call for an appointment. With appointments, we are available any time.

What are your hourly rates?
      $88 per hour.

How can I reach you after regular working hours?
     Call our company phone number 613-746-9997 and leave a message

What kind of services do you provide?
     We provide Inspection packages for:

I want Sutton Aviation to maintain my aircraft. How do I register with Sutton?
     Contact Sutton Aviation's director of maintenance to make arrangements. We will need
     to know your aircraft type, identification, the existing due date for your aircraft's annual,
     your contact information, where the aircraft is stored and maintenance service requested.

Do you keep parts in stock?
      We keep most consumables and many general wear and tear items in stock.